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We're so proud of the projects we've accomplished in our small town and they wouldn't have been possible without our wonderful volunteers and community-minded sponsors. Our group is excited to continue adding to our list of accomplishments and taking pride and action in our hometown!

Looking for some more information on projects? Send us a message!


Our first annual 18+ Dodgeball Tournament was a smashing success! With 18 registered teams and over 160 participants, the beer gardens were packed all weekend and it was such a fun time.


Holiday cheer

The pandemic brought lonely times for our local seniors so we asked community members with big hearts to send personal cards, letters, or videos to 65 residents of the Heritage Towers and Points West.


Meals for months

This project was born during the global pandemic and we knew that that was the time to support our foodbank now more than ever. With the help of our wonderful community, we were able to garner over $25,000 for our local foodbank!


Dog Park update

Our goal for this project was to update our local dog park with the addition of some new equipment to entertain and keep local pups happy and healthy. We received so much wonderful feedback from dog park users and pet lovers alike!


Poppy project

On the week of Remembrance day, we partner with our local Legion to honour our fallen veterans and their sacrifice. We place flags on each grave and crosses adorned with poppies at the Mount Pleasant Cemetary in Peace River, AB.


Rubber Duckie Raffle

To raise funds for Tools2Teach, we raffled off 1500 Rubber Duckies. We invited all the local schools for an afternoon BBQ and asked the Peace River Fire Truck to do the honours of dropping the winning ducks. 

Screenshot 2024-02-21 at 1.17.59 PM.png

A New look
for the spca

We wanted to give back to the Peace Regional SPCA for them doing amazing work with the shelter animals in our community. Their building needed a facelift, so that's what we did!


Lion's Legacy

Albert Elter was the long-time Manager at the Lions Campground and such a sweetheart! We organized a work bee at the Lions Campground to honour Albert and his 27 years of volunteering in our hometown.


Packed Packs

In September, some students start school with little to no supplies. With the help of our amazing sponsors, we were able to donate over 130 backpacks filled with supplies to our local schools to support our teachers and students in need.


PIck up
the peace

When the snow melts in the springtime, the garbage littered across town begins to surface and what better way to take pride in our hometown than to clean it up! Every year we challenge the community to grab their bags and gloves to pick up the peace.

96237724_137255814600545_3680558776764596224_n (1).jpg

Community Garden

Located in downtown Peace River on 94th street, sat a vacant lot that had been overlooked for many years. We constructed the Sassy Squash Urban Garden, an enclosed community garden with above-ground planters for all community members to enjoy!


Tools 2 teach

We wanted to help local students succeed so we asked schools for their wish-lists and with the help of our other projects, were able to donate over $15,000 worth of Tools 2 Teach including a 3D printer, sports equipment, and funds for new books!

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