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Date: June 15, 2022

Located in downtown Peace River on 94th street, sat a vacant lot that had been overlooked for many years. The lot is located along a busy street, walking trail and picturesque riverbank, with the potential to become a space that can be utilized and admired by locals and visitors alike.

Our vision was to develop the Sassy Squash Urban Garden. The project included landscaping the area and constructing an enclosed community garden with above-ground planters for all community members to enjoy!

We started by developing a project proposal to reach out to the land owners. Once we got their approval to turn the lot into something beautiful, we canvased our community starting with the Town Of Peace River. The project was very well received by all and we couldn't wait to start constructing! May 2022, we got our crew together and got to work. We're so proud of this addition in our community and have been so happy to see it's progress over the years. 

Stop by and visit if you're in the area!

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