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Located in downtown Peace River on 94th street, sits a vacant lot that has been overlooked for many years. The lot is located along a busy street, walking trail and picturesque riverbank, with the potential to become a space that can be utilized and admired by locals and visitors alike.

Our vision is to develop the Sassy Squash Urban Garden. The project will include landscaping the area and constructing an enclosed Urban Garden with above-ground planters. Urban Gardens provide countless benefits for community members including:

  • More physical activity

  • A greater sense of community Improved gardening skills

  • A deeper connection to nature Stronger social networks

  • More community engagement Family-oriented activity

Community members will be invited to Adopt-A-Plot. (Implementation to be further discussed and determined.)

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Our preliminary plans for this project may be subject to change, but here’s our vision:

  • Landscaping the vacant lot

  • Constructing a semi-permanent gated Urban Garden

  • 8ft tall fences with solar lights

  • 4 - gated entrances

  • 8 - galvanized water trough planters

  • 4 - metal culvert planters

  • Designated parking area

  • Compost bin

  • Refillable water station

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April & May 2022

  1. Present the proposal to Suncor Energy (lot owner) and the Town of Peace River

  2. Obtain approvals and proper permits to successfully carry out the project

  3. Secure funding/gift-in-kind: fundraisers, sponsorships, grants, donors

  4. Develop land and install garden enclosure and planters

  5. Grand Opening!! Let’s celebrate!

  6. Invite the community to participate in gardening with the Adopt-A-Plot Program

  7. Review the project: new ideas and future developments for the Urban Garden


  • Grading: $3000.00

  • Hauling: $1500.00

  • Materials: $1500.00


  • Enclosure: $5000.00

  • Water tank/trailer: $1000.00

  • Planters: $1000.00

  • Potting Soil: $3000.00

  • Permanent Plants: $1000.00

  • Contingency/Misc: $1500.00

TOTAL: $20,000.00


We have considered some adverse effects like vandalism, lack of community engagement, viability, etc. Our plan is to evaluate the project annually and determine its success, sustainability, and interest. All installments will be semi-permanent and can be easily dismantled, dispersed and removed. We promise to return the vacant lot to its original state in the unfortunate event of potential adverse effects. However, we are confident that with your support, the Sassy Squash Urban Garden will grow and flourish for many years to come.

We are very excited and committed to this project! The desired outcome is to take an unsightly, vacant lot and develop it into something that reflects the awesomeness of our hometown. We believe this project is important because it will beautify the lot, give it purpose while bringing individuals, families, businesses, and the town together with a sense of pride in action.

Sassy Squash Logo.png
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